Who am I

I have more than 10 years of experience in the Web Development area, during this time he got a lot of skills, from e-commerce platforms implementation and presentation sites’ code writing to online games. I am trying to constantly learn new programming languages, and I can develop Ruby, PHP, Python and JavaScript.

I would like to believe I am very passionate about programming and Computer Science: When I was young I did not have my own computer or an Internet connection (is hard to believe it, but yes, believe it). I was constantly going to an Internet Cafe in order to read all about the programming problems I had, then come home and struggle to implement what I have read about. I gladly remember about those days, and I hope I’m the same guy 10 years ago with much more experience. For me passion, is the word that describes the challenge I had when I have learning. Trust me, is not easy to be a Youngster, but also willing to learn new stuff. Coming home at 2-3 A.M. determined to install Linux just to learn, is not as easy as it sounds. I had a Pentium I at 133 MHz in the Pentium IV at 1800 MHz era!

I admit that I’m learning all the time and I like to stay close to well-trained and passionate people who better motivates me every day! Therefore, I have joined eJobs team, to face a challenge. I like teams who are working smart and are energic.

As a proof of my perseverance: I’m Certified Scrum Master and passionate about Agile Development. My resume also includes 3 years as Ruby on Rails developer and CTO at 2Performant Network (2Parale), 4 years at eRepublik Labs (Part of StillFront Group), an online game, during which I was responsible with a long list of tasks including feature development, performance optimization, but also Tech Lead in an internal project. I have learned the hard way the necessarily skills to fulfill my day-to-day tasks at 2Performant.com.

In my little free time I also develop small personal projects. If I still have spare time, I read miscellaneous articles. When I’m relaxing, I watch with pleasure thriller movies and I like playing shooter or strategy games.

I don’t talk too much, but I’m willing to teach others programming. If you meet me at a coffee prepare yourself to be entertained, I like to tell a lot of contextual jokes.

Interact with me on my Github page